South American Leather services, SALs, is a leather service company born in Uruguay in 2012, to support overseas leather procurement, after several changes in the leather industry in South America.
On the one hand, large investment groups coming from the meat industry acquired iconic tanneries in Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil since 2008; this affected the availability of raw material and other important variables. On the other hand, some large leather companies acquired smaller ones that were competing for the same market share and affecting the main market variables.

These changes brought consequences directly related to strategic decisions on price and quality of raw material, slaughter, hide selections, manufacturing locations, customer relationships, product consistency, costs structure & pricing, etc., influencing every leather segment all over the world. This was the origin of SALs: to give support in a very dynamic industry.

Customer/Supplier relationships and the value proposition were deeply reshaped, as the market achieved very high levels of competitiveness. Not only suppliers struggle, customers do, too.

For the reasons previously stated, our company offers customers a unique partnership, were our team works as “the customer’s eyes” in the South American region, helping to find the best leather solutions.

Our mission:
“To be the customers’ eyes and partners in the regional leather industry”.