Senior leather technicians and experienced leather professionals coming from traditional companies will design a customized service following your requirements and assuring that you will be represented in the same way your own people do.

Our vision:
“Be the best leather support company in South America, to help overseas customers consolidate their leather operations in this region”.

South America is the second most important source of raw material in the world.
Are you well structured in this region?

When you come to analyze how difficult and costly is to buy leather from South America in Wet Blue, Crust, Finished hides or Cut Pieces, to be sold in different continents, you will realize it makes sense to consider a partner like SALs to support your operations.

Our people is located in Montevideo, a regional hub, being able to visit and follow up in-situ and just in time with suppliers, saving you time and all kinds of resources needed to supervise a supplier overseas.

The skills of our personnel are related to:

Raw hides
Wet Blue
Inspection in all stages